Watch Jay-Z's "Legacy," "Smile," & "Marcy Me" Exclusively On Tidal

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December 01, 2017 00:00

Don't sleep on Jay-Z's latest visuals. This post is presented by TIDAL.

Jay-Z has been serving up some excellent videos for a minute now, and if you're a Tidal member, you can officially experience 4:44 in the way it was meant to be experienced. As you might know, Jay's thirteenth studio album comes equipped with a visual component, not unlike his wife Beyonce's Lemonade. In that regard, they somewhat feel like companion pieces; they're even grounded by a common theme, directly referencing Jay-Z's infidelity and the effect it had on the Carter-Knowles home. Now, "Smile," "Legacy," and "Marcy Me" join the ranks of "Moonlight," "The Story Of OJ," "Kill Jay-Z," "Bam," and more as part of the compendium. If you're not convinced,  catch some of our thoughts on the three new videos below. 


In the light of Meek Mill's incarceration, the video comes off even more poignant than before; when Perlman's grizzled leader speaks of "institutionalization," there is weight behind his words. I won't spoil what ultimately happens, but rest assured, "Legacy" is a compelling watch from start to finish. Don't be afraid of the ten minute run time. 


Seeing a creative interpretation come to life imbues the track with a bittersweet vibe, that might have been otherwise lost on a listener. As has been the case for every 4:44 clip, the cinematography is on point, with beautiful camera work, composition, and lighting. 

Marcy Me

From the minute you hear the chatter on the radio, however, you can get a sense of where this one is headed. Or so you think. Jay-Z and his team manage to deftly bob and weave through your expectations, all while retaining the same stellar standard set by the other 4:44 clips.

If you're a Jay-Z fan, you may as well try it out. 4:44's visual component gives the album a new sense of life, and you'd be doing yourself a disservice to miss out on it.

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