If you've found yourself reading this, you already know what you came for. A man being scared by a dog. Nothing more, nothing less. If one keeps their expectations grounded, they will seldom be disappointed. In this world where Bhad Bhabie's antics are more likely to rack up views than a Ghostface Killah album, sometimes all we can do is laugh. Otherwise, what is really stopping the tears? 

Seeing as you have clicked this article, having most likely read the title, you shouldn't be expecting any surprises here. Simply a man being startled in a comical fashion by his exuberant and diminutive dog. It so happens that said man is Chicago's own G-Herbo, author of last year's Humble Beast and pioneer of the briefly viral "Who Run It" challenge. While he does boast a respectable musical track record, that does not mean he is immune to the frights of loud, small objects leaping toward him at high speeds. Case in point, the following exhibit.

Throughout the clip, Herbo holds it down as the dutiful father, staring lovingly into his newborn son's eyes. For reasons unknown, Herbo's protective dog took umbrage with the tender moment, and decided to break it up. It lunges forward, causing Herbo to leap to his feet with an impressive degree of athleticism. Evoking a similar feeling as classic pre-Youtube shows like America's Funniest Home Videos, this clip conjures up all manner of simple pleasures.