Partaking in some form of extreme sports can have one of two effects on someone: either you're attracted to and ultimately liberated by the adrenaline that can result from one such activity, or the fear of what you're about to do is so paralyzing that you have trouble going through with it. For French Montana and other members of the XO Records crew, bungee jumping while in Australia definitely proved to be a truly frightening proposition.

As per some video footage that French shared on his Instagram account, the rapper is seen literally diving off the edge of a building while enjoying some time Down Under. Clad in a colorful yellow jumpsuit, the emcee can be seen chatting up the woman who was responsible for making sure his harness was secure and that everything else was in order before he proceeded with the jump. You can tell he's clearly nervous - I mean, who wouldn't be at that height? - but he collects himself eventually and plunges off of the ledge, going down at such a speed that he only remains on screen for a second. He captioned the video with "SCARIEST S**T I DID IN MY LIFE" and, for what it's worth, he totally believe him.

Amir "Cash" Esmailian, the man who co-founded XO Records with The Weeknd, accompanied French Montana to the bungee jumping spot and even suited up to join in on the fun, even though he never ended up going through with it. Another short clip shows the music exec standing, completely frozen, looking over the railing at the enormity of the jump he was to do and decided that he wasn't cut out for that sort of thing. However, that 
"almost" moment didn't taint their entire experience while in kangaroo country, with French sharing another picture from their travels. It definitely looks like the trip was one to remember.

Have you ever bungee jumped? Or done any other kind of extreme sports-related stunt? Let us know about your experiences, even if you were the person who chickened out in the end, in the comments section.