DJ Quik was recently stopped by a TMZ reporter, where he was informed about Tiger Wood's latest DUI. The Compton legend reacted with palpable disappointment, uttering a stunned "get the fuck out of here" upon receiving the news. Quik and his homie actually stopped to talk with the cameraman, and Quik seemed genuinely upset by Tiger's latest blunder. 

"He's blitzed," says Quik, after seeing Tiger's mugshot. "He miss his wife, that'll cause you to drink when you let your wife go for some hoes." When asked if he has a message for Tiger, Quik drops some real talk for the golfer. "I respect and love Tiger man, dry up...that's not the look, bro. It looks like an S.O.S right now."

Quik's homie chimes in with "tell him to come drink with us, shit we drink and get Uber," before Quik labels Woods the "Michael Jordan of fucking golf."