By now, you've probably seen the highlights from Dave Chappelle's hosting gig on SNL. The beloved comedian made a triumphant comeback to TV on Saturday as he delivered a both powerful and hilarious opening monologue (which people are already calling one of the all-time greatest), as well as bringing back some classic characters from his defunct sketch comedy series Chapelle's Show.

Turns out, Dave's night didn't end there, as the comedian headed out to an afterparty, complete with Karaoke assisted by a live band. Thanks to a clip posted by Questlove of The Roots, we know that Chappelle did a lively rendition of Radihead's "Creep," belting the alt-rock hit with cast member Leslie Jones. 

Even Questlove, who's surely seen a lot in his long career took the performance as a special moment, writing, "In a life full of highlights? I'm glad I waited til 5:22am for this...."

Check out the video below, and watch some highlights from Chappelle's hosting gig here.