Chris Brown throws a mean overhand right. At least, that's what one video game fan assumes. YouTube user Jumpman Germ imagined what would happen if C-Breezy ever met Soulja Boy inside the Octagon. He created a simulation in EA Sports UFC 2, where two pixel versions of the rappers trade blows to settle their differences. 

In lieu of walkout songs, audio from their worst social media insults play as their avatars walk up to the cage. They even move like them (in case they know how to throw a basic jab). To Joe Rogan's delight, within the first minute of the fight, Brown drops Soulja with a powerful overhand right that announces a one-sided affair. Soulja Boy gets back up only to be dropped again. Pretty boy Breezy taunts him but Soulja Boy isn't done yet. 

He delivers a quick left roundhouse to Breezy's head, but it's got no power behind it. He then throws a superman punch while singing his trademark "Yoooouuuuu," but misses. Brown proceeds to keep him honest. He throws bombs after bombs at the "Crank Dat" rapper's chin and left temple, knocking him to the ground more times than I care to count. Rogan yells his patented," oh, he's hurt." Soulja's face is bloodied up as he comes back for more. He simply had no answer for that right hand though. In the end, Brown scores a vicious combination the "Hit Em With The Draco" rapper can't recover from. The "Loyal" singer does a back flip as he celebrates his victory.

Their boxing match is schedule to happen sometime in March but you can watch a good fight right here.