On Friday night, President Obama and his family hosted what would be the final party at the White House, and it drew some of the biggest names in entertainment. Among those seen attending the no-cameras event were Usher, Wale, Solange, Robert Deniro, Dave Chappelle, Stevie Wonder, Meryl Streep, and Tom Hanks. From the photos and videos taken outside the event, all the invitees seemed honored and excited to attend, but perhaps no one had a better time than Chance The Rapper, who couldn't help but rave about the party in a video recorded in the early hours of the morning following the get-together.

"This was the last time. The party was amazing, it just ended. It's like 4AM," he said. "My dad put a Black man in the White House, y'all can't tell me nothing. Stay Black no matter what, don't let 'em stop you."

"They wouldn’t let us bring cameras into this shit but just know it was historic," he continued later in the night. "It was Black, it was beautiful, there was dancing, there was laughing, there was loving, there was hugs."

In the clip, Chance also handed out a few awards for "best dressed," "best joke," "best hug," and more, awarding a few of them to himself.

Best Dressed: Your boy

Best Looking: Esperanza Spalding

Strongest Handshake: Dave Chappelle

Best Joke: Me

Best Compliment: Dave Chappelle ("that was a good joke Chance")

Best Hug: Tom Hanks and Robert Deniro

Best Dance: Michelle Obama (with the "Folks")

Best Line Dance Creation: Me and my mom (with the "Electric Slide")

Best Party Ever: Tonight

While we'll probably never see footage from happened inside the White House Friday night, some of the attendees did share some photos from before and after the event on social media. Check out some of the posts below.