Do you remember what some of the players in the NBA Finals looked like when they were coming out of college or, in LeBron's case, high school? 

Naturally, all of them have put on much more muscle mass since going full-time with their basketball careers, but not all of them look that much different from the day they were drafted.

For instance, guys like Draymond Green and Steph look almost exactly the same. Steph's only change is a faint goatee and Draymond's look hasn't changed much since leaving Michigan State either.

On the other hand, there are guys like Kevin Love, who looks like a completely different human compared to his rookie year with the T'Wolves, and J.R. Smith who added just a few tats since breaking into the league in 2004.

Check out these quick, morphing gifs showcasing how some of the Warriors and Cavs starters, as well as the coaches, have changed since entering the league, courtesy of the guys at