The newest Dragon Ball movie, Super: Broly, which is poised to be the biggest anime movie that North America has ever seen (at least in terms of money made), has been a long time coming. Since the first introduction of Broly in a movie back in 1993, fans have been wanting more and finally it's here, with what look to be some long-awaited moments of revenge.

Specifically, Broly comes face-to-face with Vegeta, who he has a bone to pick due to his exile from planet Vegeta way back when. The due settle their differences:

This version of the clip is in Japanese, but according to Chris Sabat, one of the show's voice actors, the English version is going to be a cut above the previous movie and TV entries of the series: "It’s definitely a much more mature and thought-out version of Broly. He gets to do some acting, as opposed to just screaming Kakarot over and over...Well let’s be honest, it’s still gonna be a lot of screaming on Broly’s part, but you get to at least understand where he’s coming from and feel for him more than you used to.”

Watch the trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly below: