The History Channel premiered Detroit: Comeback City the television documentary this past weekend. Big Sean served as an executive producer in the creation of the 40-minute joint. The film takes viewers through Detroit's tumultuous history. It breaks down its journey from a booming industrial capital to a place of economic ruin. The documentary carves out an intimate narrative with help of testimonies from real Michigan natives, detailing how the city and its residents have come to rise again from the precarity of hard times:"Detroit is a city of possibility. You know, that ingenuity and that spirit lives on." Ford contributed to much of the city's wealth. Later, Motown marked Detroit with coveted cultural significance. Detroit: Comeback City explains how the city is managing an important rebirth after filing for bankruptcy in 2013.

The rapper has always repped his city heavy and he continues to go hard. Recently, Big Sean threw a block party in the Michigan metropolis to benefit his non-profit organization, the Sean Anderson Foundation. He's also been putting in work when it comes to music, making an appearance on YG's "Big Bank", which also features Nicki Minaj and 2chainz. On top of all this, Big Sean is working on his new album.