A video has surfaced of Hell Rell getting jumped as he sits for dinner inside a Nassau County Restaurant. A few things to remark off the top: Rell is seated with family or loved ones, secondly there is sudden recall once the attacker enters the frame, letting us know this ain't no random act. Apparently the potential for beef is active Monday through Sunday.

In the video, a man swarms Hell Rell, knocks him out of his seat. With Rell lying on the ground in a defensive curl, the man takes repeated swipes until Rell finally avoids capture by hobbling towards the main lobby of the restaurant. Who knows what's waiting for him once he steps outside.

Hell Rell did file a response to the attack, which has since made the rounds on social media. He addresses the organized entity that likely provided the goons with his location:

By the nature of the beatdown, it is unlikely that Rell is facing serious heat. Hopefully they can put this beef to rest before it grows bloodier. 

[via Complex]