Adidas tips off their latest global brand campaign "Basketball Needs Creators", starring Houston' James Harden. The new short film debuts November 21st during the Texans vs Raiders Monday Night Football game on ESPN.

Basketball Needs Creators highlights how creativity is what makes the game great, at every level. Harden asks the question "What if we all stopped being creative?" and proceeds to show what the basketball world would look like without the lifeblood of creativity.

"James Harden's creativity both on and off the court is his true differentiator across all sports, not just basketball" said Ryan Morlan, adidas' VP of Brand Communications. "James continues to reinvent the game and his new position this season, by infusing his unique style individually while creating opportunities for teammates at a record pace. Basketball clearly needs creators to drive the game forward and James is the torch bearer of this evolution."

Featuring cameos from Wheeler (Marietta, GA) High School, pro skateboarder Nakel Smith and adidas Basketball's Global VP of Design Brian Foresta, Basketball Needs Creators empowers players around the world to harness their own creativity to change the game in unique ways.