For many North American fans, Drake's More Life was an introduction to London rapper Giggs; the one guest (outside of Young Thug) to appear on two tracks from the project. While opinions were split on his verses early on, there's been a general warmth to the UK emcee's contributions, particularly, his verse on "KMT," which now seems to get more love than Drake's when played by DJs.

While the U.S. has come around on Giggs, the U.K. required no co-sign to see his talent. They are just as excited as Americans to hear that "KMT" verse though, which is proved by a new clip shared by Giggs on his Instagram.

Performing in London, Giggs teases "KMT" to a wildly swelling and chanting crowd. When he eventually breaks out the full verse, he barely has to perform his punchlines -- the crowd has it down. As you might expect, the "Batman" line gets the biggest reaction. Watch it all go down below.