Watch 50 Cent Audition For The Part Of Han Solo On Conan

  July 25, 2016 18:42
50 Cent tries to play Han Solo in a hilarious new skit presented by Conan.

Actor Alden Ehrenreich is set to play a young Han Solo in an upcoming "Star Wars" spinoff movie. It was just reported that Sony signed him to a three-movie deal, suggesting that the studio could be planning a Han Solo trilogy. In light of the revelation, Conan has decided to imagine all of the competition that Ehrenreich had to beat out in order to win the distinguished role, formerly played by Harrison Ford. Conan invited a bunch of his favorite celebrities to audition for the part, including Bill Hader, Will Arnet, Melissa McCarthy, Jodie Foster, and Adam Sandler. The most surprising auditionee is none other than Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, who, of course, is now an accomplished actor himself. His Han Solo getup is undoubtedly the most hilarious of the bunch, as is his rendition of Solo's famous "never tell me the odds" quote. 

Before he begins, Fif first has to tell his bodyguard that he doesn't need him on set, and he then attempts to draw his gun and scream Solo's signature line as if he were Kanan on "Power." He always has been and always will be good for many a laugh. Seriously, though, he's damn good in "Power." 

50's Han Solo audition begins at around 3:38 into the video. 

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Watch 50 Cent Audition For The Part Of Han Solo On Conan