According to the Washington Post, three Republican lawmakers in the state of Washington, Matt Shea, David Taylor and Bob McCaslin have proposed House Bill 1015, a law that would allow concealed carry permit holders to be able to carry guns in sports stadiums including SafeCo Field and CenturyLink Field.

The bill would prevent these stadiums, as well as others, from banning fans who carry a licensed concealed weapon into their facilities.

Over the past five years the NFL has seen an increase in violence at their stadiums, some of which we witnessed during last Thursday's show down between Raiders and Chiefs fans, and adding guns into that equation would be incredibly ignorant.

The state legislature will review the proposed bill when officials get together in January, though there is reportedly a "slim to none" chance that this gets passed. 

“We haven’t seen the proposed legislation but we have a policy forbidding carrying a weapon into NFL stadiums,” Brian McCarthy, the NFL’s vice president of communications, told the Washington Post on Sunday.