The Kyrie Irving vs LeBron James beef is something we couldn't have predicted heading into the NBA offseason, yet here we are.

Kyrie has reportedly informed the Cavs front office that he wants to be traded, and believes that LeBron is responsible for that request getting out to the media.

Kyrie, who recently unfollowed LeBron on instagram, has been on tour in Asia with Nike but he recently took to snapchat to announce that he's coming home... by singing, "Coming Home." 

Hopeful (and delusional) Knicks fans think it's a clue that he's "coming home" to where he grew up in West Orange, New Jersey to play for the Knicks, while others have deemed this a shot at LeBron and his "I'm Coming Home" Sports Illustrated cover.

It's a stretch, but in this NBA off-season we're not ruling anything out - especially since LeBron previously took a veiled shot at Kyrie on his instagram story.

Check out Kyrie's snap, as well as LeBron's video that preceded it, below.