Prior to last night's season opener, the Golden State Warriors unveiled their 2017 championship banner and handed out their championship rings, which has more diamonds than any other championship ring.

According to reports, the Warriors' rings, designed and manufactured by Jason of Beverly Hills, are 11 carats in weight and feature more diamonds than any other championship ring across all four major sports.

And each of the stones has a significant meaning.

Jason Arasheben, who has crafted four NBA championship rings in the last nine seasons, explained to the Mercury News,

“The ring itself has to tell a story,” Jason Arasheben, CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills, told the Mercury News. “You have to talk about what happened during the regular season and what happened during the playoffs. What’s the identity of each and every player? What’s the identity of the team as a whole? And are you building a design that can be conducive toward telling that exact story?”

According to ESPN, the 36 princess blue sapphires represent the number of Warriors' home wins last season, while the 31 white trapezoid diamonds represent the team's wins on the road. Additionally, there are 83 diamonds that represent the Warriors' total number of regular season and playoff wins combined.

"4-0" appears three times on the side of the ring and "4-1" appears once, as a nod to Golden State's incredible playoff-series records in 2017. The rings also include the years "2016-2017" along with each of the players' numbers. The Roman numerals "XVI-I" are also on the sides of the ring to represent Golden State's playoff record.

Each player's ring is personalized with his last name as well. Lastly, there are also five trophies on the side of the ring to represent each of the five NBA championships won by the franchise.

Check out some additional shots of the championship rings below.