ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski believes the Golden State Warriors are "bracing for possibly seismic change" this summer, as All Stars Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson are set to become free agents. 

Woj relayed the following during Monday's episode of Get Up! (H/T Bleacher Report):

"Internally in Golden State, there's a sense of let's try to put aside what's coming in July. We have a chance to do something very rare in sports, to three-peat. Let's try to keep our focus there and win the title, then let July play out the way it's going to. But I think the Warriors are bracing for possibly seismic change within that organization."

"I don't know if there's a lot of talking that has to happen between the Warriors and Kevin Durant," Wojnarowski said. "I think he knows what it is, what he wants, and there may be nothing the Warriors can do or say to change that."

While Thompson reportedly plans to re-sign with Golden State, it has long been reported that Durant will leave in favor of New York. In fact, Vegas oddsmakers have given the Knicks 16-1 odds to win the NBA championship next year in anticipation that they land KD and Kyrie Irving this Summer.

Despite the constant chatter about KD's free agency plans - including a report that his own teammates believe he has already decided on signing with the Knicks - Durant maintains that he still doesn't know what will happen this summer.