The Golden State Warriors organization hosted a ground breaking ceremony in San Francisco yesterday and it was unlike any traditional ground breaking event anyone has ever seen.

Rather than a couple of old guys in suits simply sticking a shovel in some soil, the Warriors had synchronized excavators and faux construction workers in neon vests dancing around with parking cones like some sort of Cirque du Soleil construction zone.

Per USA Today:

“I think the way it was put (during the ceremony) was ‘The Madison Square Garden of the West,’” team owner, Joe Lacob said. “Madison Square Garden is a pretty unbelievable place, and to be the Madison Square Garden of the West … I think is a pretty big – if you can achieve that, that’s pretty good.”

After years of legal battles and local opposition to the new arena, the Warriors' San Francisco home is finally getting underway with plans that the arena will be finished in time for the 2019-20 season. Despite the move from Oakland to SF, the team will still use the "Golden State" moniker.

Check out some of the bizarre footage from Golden State's ground breaking ceremony below.