If the gators in Florida don't get ya, the sharks will. And if the sharks don't get you it'll be the zombies on bath salts but that's a different story. 

NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp was having a casual Wednesday afternoon catching lobsters off the Florida Keys when a four foot nurse shark attacked and took a chunk out of his arm. 

The details are sparse but the Two Conchs charter captain, Jack Carlson, said the former Tampa Bay Bucs defensive tackle was doing ok after the attack and should only need a few stitches. 

"The sharks hang around those lobster holes, because they feed on the lobster as well," Carlson told the Times.

"We bandaged it up, put some gauze on there, some black electrical tape and hit a couple more spots, then headed in," the captain said.

Sapp didn't seem fazed by the attack and admitted that the shark might've won the round but he made off with a heap of lobster so his squad won the war.