According to the almighty TMZ, celebrated Houston emcee Lil' Flip skipped a court hearing this morning, and a warrant for his arrest has been issued. The rapper was accussed of both drug and gun possession last year after police found several blunts and an AR-15 rifle in his vehicle on Christmas night.

Although the judge is currently holding him in contempt, Flip was apparently unaware he had a hearing today, and his lawyer is "working to clear this silly little thing up." He claims he had a license for the gun and that the blunts were "just a special kind of tobacco." 

That's all the information we have at this point. As far as we know, Flip has yet to turn himself in.

Here's hoping he makes it out of this alright. Stay tuned for updates on the situation, and peep the video for his "Game Over" hit below:

[Update: Arrest Warrant Recalled]

As reported by Hip-Hop Wired, it seems Lil' Flip's attorney has convinced a judge to recall the warrant due to the emcee's busy schedule, which is what they claim made him miss his court date. The Houston rapper is officially in the clear - hopefully he'll be more careful about speeding and what he keeps in the whip from now on.