It looks like boxer Adrien Broner is in trouble with the law again. On Monday, Adrien was schedule to appear in court for a battery charge he’s facing, and it turns out he didn’t show up at all. As a result, a judge has issued a warrant for his arrest TMZ reports.

However, Adrien says he knew nothing about Monday’s court hearing. In fact, he says he would’ve gone if he knew about it, and he apparently has a valid excuse to back that statement up.

The court records show that the summons that was sent to Adrien had been returned back to the court because it was "not deliverable as addressed.” So in other words, the mail didn’t get delivered to him properly.

Broner is reportedly trying to clear things up with the court right now, but thats not going to help his case at all. The warrant for his arrest is still active.

The battery charge in which the warrant stems from comes from back in September when the boxer get himself into a couple fights on the strip of Las Vegas, including one with a woman. Adrien allegedly shoved a woman several times after she tried calming him down in the street, before he later would go and punch a man in the face (see video here). It’s those altercation that Adrien was supposed to see a judge about, but apparently he was a no-show today.

This isn't the first time Broner's non-boxing activities have made headlines for the wrong reasons. He’s previously faced an open warrant for public intoxication and disorderly conduct back in 2014. Other charges of domestic violence, intimidating a witness and robbery were also on his rap sheet at one point, but have since been dismissed. Just earlier this year, Broner also was the victim of a shooting in Ohio as well, but luckily he wasn't harmed in that.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on the latest with Adrien Broner moving forward. Hopefully this arrest warrant gets figured out sooner than later.