WorldStarHipHop just debuted a new music video today for a seemingly unknown rapper that goes by the name of Lil Kloroxx. Although most people have no idea who this blond kid is, the video has already garnered close to 400K views on Youtube. The reviews are mixed based on the comments. Many Youtube users state their complete dislike while others seem to be onboard with the song and visual treatment. Either way, the most important fact to know about this release is its origin: Bart Baker, a youtube comedian.

Baker is most known for his music video parodies. One of his most popular ones is his Lil Pump impression on "Gucci Gang." Some fans recognized him as the impersonator while embodying his new creation, Lil Kloroxxx. Still, it seems like many were left out of the joke. This illuminates one of our generation's dilemma in terms of Hip Hop culture and the art form that is rap. If people can't tell the difference between art and parody, the state of the culture might be in danger. Check out the video for yourself:

Lil Kloroxx puts into question the legitimacy of some of the artists he is emulating: who has the right to capitalize on a culture that was born out of the struggle and creative genius of particular communities?