Warner Brothers just released a new and final trailer for the highly anticipated action movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters, set to hit theatres May 31st. The recent addition to the epic charter features child actor Millie Bobby Brown, stemming from the hit Netflix Original series Stranger Things, as well as Academy Award-nominated actress Vera Farmiga, star of The Conjuring 2 and Bates Motel. The obscure trailer teases the return of Godzilla as a crucial aid in combatting the arrival of new monsters. We can, therefore, anticipate a collaboration between humans and the beast.

The trailer delves into the disaster resulting from our monarch monster's battle with classic titans like Rodan, Mothra, and legendary King Ghidorah. The explosive clash is not only set to jeopardize the city's state but also threaten the livelihood of its inhabiting citizens. Furthermore, Michael Dougherty, the director behind the expected flick, defined the new entry as similar to the 1983 prequel Aliens of the Alien franchise. Earlier this year, he also suggested that a possible cross-over between Godzilla and the Avengers could be expected. Perhaps an Iron Man versus Godzilla battle is what we really need.

In the meantime, tune into the fresh new trailer in anticipation of the upcoming movie.