FOX's runaway hit Family Guy has aimed to stay relevant throughout its entire run. The comedy series, helmed by Seth MacFarlane, has always addressed concerns that inform the zeitgeist, from political blunders to the latest celebrity sex scandal. The social media team for the show have taken to Twitter to announce that the upcoming Family Guy episode during Easter Sunday, which also happens to be April Fool's, will feature a plot inspired by Warcraft, bringing forth another salient aspect of entertainment culture ready to be parodied.

The image used for the tweet directly recalls the box covers for Orcs vs. Humans and Battle for Azeroth

The show has definitely tapped into gamer culture throughout previous gags, highlighting the obvious stereotypes involving those who dedicate a significant portion of their time embattled in these fictive realms.

It wouldn't be totally far-fetched to think that this may be a prank put on by the series' creators since the episode's airing commences on April Fool's Day, which is an ironic yet perfect occurrence for a show like Family Guy. Sound off in the comments below whether or not you think this is a hoax; and if you think it's real, detail what this crossover could potentially entail.