Gun laws in America have been a widely debated topic over the past few years. Many have rightfully argued that there needs to be more laws in place over gun ownership in America while others, such as Meagan McCain, believe taking away assault rifles from the public will lead to more violence at the hands of gun owners. Congress itself hasn't really taken much of an initiative against banning assault rifles but it appears as though Walmart has taken action in wake of the recent mass shootings.

Christopher Capozziello/Getty Images

Walmart announced that they won't be selling any more ammo for handguns and "short-barrel rifle ammunition" that can also be used in assault rifles. They plan on putting an end up the sales of ammo after they sell their current inventory. Additionally, they'll be putting an end to the sales of handguns in Alaska.

Walmart is now making more of an effort to put the public's safety first in comparison to the White House. They also made a public request to their customers to refrain from openly carrying guns in states with open carry laws.

The news of the ban arrives after the shooting in El Paso, Texas at a Walmart, along with the recent shootings in Midland and Odessa Texas, as well as Dayton, OH. However, they were previously under fire after making the decision to pull violent video game displays from their stores as opposed to actually dealing with guns themselves.