Everyone uses some type of streaming service these days. Whether it be Netflix or Spotify, consumers rely on streaming platforms for most forms of entertainment. According to Varietyvia a report by The InformationWalmart is gearing up to take on Netflix and Hulu with a new video streaming platform. 

The report, which uses anonymous sources,  claims that Walmart is considering introducing a streaming service for $8 per month as well as a free ad-supported video service. The report also claims that Walmart is looking to target consumers in the middle of the country. "Netflix and Amazon are seen as more popular with people on the East and West Coasts of the U.S.," stated one of the anonymous sources. The $8 price point will aim to attract consumers in those middle states, as well as people who are looking for a cheaper service than Netflix. No details regarding the type of movies or shows that will be available have been released. 

Walmart already owns Vudu, which offers rental and streaming services for movies. Vudu currently has a free streaming service called Movies On Us which features ads. It is possible for Walmart to rebrand that service, or use their catalog from Vudu to help launch a new streaming app.