Celebrities often have long lists demands when they're on tour or at promotional events. Turns out Wale is one of them. TMZ got a hold of a copy of he D.C. native's tour rider. The rapper's list of demands is 18 pages long and includes two comfortable dressing rooms "furnished with REAL, clean" sofas that can seat up to 10 adults.

Wale also wants Hennessy, Patron and Ace of Spades in his rooms along with a tea kettle, organic sugar, lemon, honey, milk and cream.

He also wants lint-free hand towels, a scented candle, baby oil, a box of Kleenex and large bags of Jolly Ranchers and Starbursts.

To top it all off, for international appearances, he asks for three armed security guards and bulletproof SUVs to be assigned to him at all times. 

Wale does not come cheap. He will be on tour in Silver Spring, Maryland on January 1.