It's been a rough ride for music fans this year. We have already lost several talented artists in various ways, but they will always be remembered through their music. You never know when a moment of safety can turn into a moment of panic or shock, and it's devastating to think about how quickly a life can be ended. Wale, a rapper who has always shown his thanks and appreciation for his fans and his family, was involved in a car accident, but luckily he is doing fine. 

Wale took to Twitter to reveal that he was caught in an accident recently. "Just got in a car accident and it could have been way worse," tweeted the "Scarface Rozay Gotti" rapper on Saturday night (June 14). "Man thank God for these reflexes cuz I was loafin in the back seat," he continued. "I been ungrateful ... I’m thankful 🙏🏿." 

Wale is currently working on his next studio album after signing a new deal with Warner Bros. Of course, Wale is still an MMG representer, and the deal with Warner is a joint venture. Hopefully, he isn't too shaken up by the accident and he gets back into the booth soon. Life or death experiences have a way of inspiring artists.