Well-established rapper, political opinion spewer and now actor - Wale's talent pool continues to grow with each passing year. 

The "My Love" emcee recently got to show off his small screen chops in a new episode of Crashing, the Pete Holmes HBO vehicle that is kicking off its second season this year. A clip of his appearance, which Wale shared on his Instagram profile, centers around a universal experience: getting approach by someone who wants you to listen to their mixtape.

Wale brings the funny in this sequence, where he pushes his mixtape on Holmes' character, then tries to get the comedian to buy it for $10. "That's you boy, $10," the rapper tells Holmes. "Yo man, help me out. Man, I've been on the corner all day, all night. It's smokey as s**t out here, ain't no bitches out here, the police harassing a n****, all that s**t, man." Holmes doesn't want the tape and tries to let him down easy, but Wale isn't having it.

"Oh! OK! Aight, OK. I see, I see what this is," he continues. "Another white man taking advantage of another brother, huh? It's always a racial thing in America. And your White guilt is showing all over the place." You can check out a clip from the appearance below.

Pete Holmes, who previously had his own late-night TV program on TBS, anchors this original series that HBO is selling as this fish-out-of-water comedy, with the central character trying to "make it" in show business somehow (aren't we all). Check out the Season 2 trailer below.