Wale was praised by Jay-Z yesterday during his Breakfast Club Interview, when Hov named Wale as a rapper who would still be around in ten years from now. Wale seems to be of a similar opinion as Jay, whose label Roc Nation manages Wale. In an interview with Baltimore, Maryland's 92Q radio station Wale discusses comparions to Jay-Z and Nas, as well as how J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar (who were also named by Jay-Z) also compare to the two greats.

A photo recently circulated the web showing Wale, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar juxtaposed on top of a photo of Jay-Z, Nas and Kanye West (see it in the gallery above). Wale explained in his interview how this photo came about, when the three younger rappers were all partying together in San Franciso. Wale said he made and released the photo, saying it's true that they want to be as great Jay, 'Ye and Nas. 

Although he says each three rappers don't exactly align with another, he nonetheless hypothesized on which young rapper would be the Jay-Z, Nas and Kanye.

"Well, I sold the least records out of the three, so whoever sold the least records out of Jay-Z, Kanye...so Nas. I'll be where Nas was. Cole about to do some crazy...Cole did crazy numbers. He'll probably go with Jay, and Kendrick would go with Kanye," Wale explained.

Wale also spoke on the loss of Lil Snupe, who was signed to his fellow MMG rapper, Meek Mill's label. Wale details the day he found out about the death, saying he just couldn't believe it.

"I couldn't really wrap my head around it. I didn't even know how to text Meek or.. I did, but I'm still stuck about it," Wale said. "They got an eighteen-year-old kid..'cause some old dude was in his feelings about a video game or something crazy like that."

Wale continued to lament the loss of Snupe, "Meek had so much in store for him. That just goes to show when you have an opportunity to lead the hood, ain't no keep it real, whatchu mean keep it real, keep it alive, keep it safe. You in the hood you got jewlery gone, everybody think you got more than you got." "It's real out here, people starvin', people jealous."

Check out the full interview below, where he also discusses Tiara Thomas signing to Division 1/Interscope Geffen A&M.