DC-Rapper Wale gave us the ultimate cuteness overload by posting a photo of his daughter, Zyla Moon. In the shared Instagram post, we see the adorable toddler smiling at the camera with a high-bun, colorful earrings and a pink tutu. The picture is accompanied by a text written by her father: "My heart forever flutter for you...my baby got her foams on to. EVERYTHING for Z." How cute is that?!

It is not the first time the rapper publicly shows his deep affection for his daughter. In 2017, the emcee brought out his favourite girl on stage during a summer tour. Moreover, the rapper was placed under the public scrutiny after sharing a video where his daughter was seen showered with dollar bills on her birthday. In spite of the upheaval, public judgement was dismissed once the "Lotus Flower" rapper clarified that the practice was Nigerian tradition. Indeed, it was later explained that the rapper was not "making it rain" on his daughter but "spraying" which is a celebratory practice common in Nigerian parties. The symbolic custom is meant to show love and encourage blessings. Clearly, Wale enjoys father duties and even moreso showing the world how much he loves his baby girl.