Everyone has their own opinion on Rick Ross' recent drive-by shooting, and although we've heard much from the media on the situation, we haven't heard from Rick Ross' closest friends, his MMG members. Wale recently spoke out on the situation, and how it's being perceived by the media.

Rick Ross, while driving with a female passenger following a birthday dinner the other week, was shot at around 18 times, before crashing his car into a building. In the end, neither Rozay nor his female friend were harmed. 

Commenting on his friend's situation, the D.C. rapper says he thinks the media is perpetuating a lot of things, and he's not a fan of the jokes.

"I think the whole thing been blown. I think the media is perpetuating a lot of things. God forbid something happen to anybody, that they gunna be playing people's records all day and acting like they [care], and everybody who's making jokes," Wale continued, "I had to unfollow a rack of people on Twitter when that was happening 'cause I'm like, it's a joke to y'all 'cause y'all see somebody on T.V. everyday. But what if that's your friend, 'cause that's my friend. I was talking to him last night about the football game.So what y'all think is a joke, and that somebody's health, I know his children. God forbid something happen. And I just lost one of my brothers, so I don't even play around with that stuff." He added, "And there's a lot of power in the tongue."

Check out the clip below.