Wale gets a lot of hate. Whether it's for his music, or his attitude, the rapper is often catching flack for something. In an unfortunate coincidence, the same week he dropped his new album, a bunch of pre-fame tweets from various rappers surfaced, and Wale was a common target. On his interview with Power 105's Breakfast Club, wale addressed the tweets, getting hated on in general, and working with Jerry Seinfeld.

Wale was very aware of his mixed reception in rap. "I'm probably one of the more polarizing people in the game right now" he admitted. "Niggas be fucking with me just to do it."

When asked about how he felt about being disrespected by the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Freddie Gibbs, Tyler, The Creator, and Danny Brown, he replied “You know how many records I've sold compared to them?”

Wale then clarified that he was not trying to diss the rappers, but just trying to put things in perspective. "I'm not trying to be a jerk or nothing but that's where I get my peace. They can go and dislike Wale, they just gonna dislike him."

The DC rapper also revealed that he wasn't exactly surprised by the list of names. "I can feel it though. I can feel when a nigga don't like me." he said. "A nigga gonna talks hit about you and then a nigga gonna ask you for a feature when he sees you." He hinted that he might turn a feature down if he felt disrespected. "I don't need nobody's money." he declared.

On a lighter note, the Gifted rapper spoke of his work with Jerry Seinfeld on the "Outro About Nothing."

“I was nervous at first, because he's white and he's rich. He's just from another whole world, and I just felt kind of inferior,” he said, but expressed surprise at the comedian's humbleness. "You used to niggas that's that poppin' to have an arrogance about them, so I was expecting it but it wasnt there."

The two now have a close relationship, Wale explained. "Now it's super chill, we talk, we banter, we joke around."

Watch the full interview below.