In February, it was reported that New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham was looking for at least 20 million a season for his next contract. While it's unclear if the Giants will be able to foot that large bill, Wale feels Odell is worth all that and more, as he expressed in an impromptu interview with TMZ.

"Odell needs to get his bag," he said when asked about the big contract request. "Odell sells tickets, he sells jerseys, and he'll get you a first down whenever you need it, nine times out of ten."

As far as the rapper is concerned, if any player is going to ask for an "unprecedented" payday, it might as well be Beckham. "Odell is one of the last people that can really create and do whatever he wants... he's definitely a gamechanger," he said. "If you've got quarterbacks that are like 30% accuracy... Odell would have made any of those guys better. Things gotta be unprecedented for some of these guys."

As it stands, the Pittsburgh Steelers Antoni Brown is set to be the highest paid wide receiver at $17 million next season. The following year, when Odell gets his new contract, he could potentially be the highest paid player in his position. While the team insists they are not actively seeking a trade for Odell, reports indicate they have still set a minimum of two first-round draft picks for any teams looking for a swap.

Wale, of course, is a huge sports fan in general. It was recently calculated that he is the third most-followed rapper by NBA players, trailing only Drake and J. Cole.