When comes to his relationship with the public, no one seems to have one more divisive than Wale. The Washington, D.C. native has publicly professed his love for his fan base several times before, but he can also turn on a dime and get into it with members of that very same group.

Case in point was an Instagram post yesterday, which shows Wale in an elevator, looking pensive and perhaps a little low energy, captioned with, "My aura got me. I'll never fold, they Origami." In the comments, some social media users had issues with the post, best exemplified by one user who said, "Wale dope but he on some depression Kid Cudi suicide type s***." The rapper was perturbed by this comment, replying with, "Jesus Christ can I just take a picture wit out u n***** on my d*** examining my face." The contentious vibe continued among other repliers to the post.

Wale is currently on tour in the Eastern and Midwestern United States.

You can view the entire Instagram post and the comments below.