With his sixth studio album Wow...That's Crazy on the way, Wale continued his press run with a conversation with 99 Jamz. Half Q&A, half interview, the MMG lyricist fielded questions from both hosts and audience members alike. 

Chris McKay/Getty Images

Around the 28 minute mark, Wale reflects on the death of Black Bo, who played an integral role within the MMG family. Sadly, Bo passed away in December 2017, leaving a massive void behind. "It hit me like a ton of bricks," reflects Wale. "I was in South Africa. I believe he had just did a couple talk shows or something. When I found out, I flew back for a day, I flew to Miami. I remember the funeral. It made everything in MMG a little more important. I think me and Ross got way closer after that. Black was the glue for the whole team. Even when me and Meek had that situation, Black was in the middle...Black was always the balance, the calmness for the whole crew."

There's also an interesting moment where Wale reflects on his relationship with the legendary Jerry Seinfeld, with whom he collaborated on the breakout Mixtape About Nothing. "My first time I linked up with Jerry was maybe like, I don't even know if I was signed to Interscope at that point." As for whether Jerry is a fan of Wale's music, Wale confirms that he is indeed the comedian's "favorite rapper." "The man's got good taste!" laughs Wale, though he isn't entirely clear whether Jerry is indeed a hip-hop historian. Sadly, Wale never got the privilege of witnessing the legendary Seinfeldian car-collection, an omission he chalks up to his irresponsibility.