We're at that time of year when just about every publication is working on their year-end list (count us among them), and while they're not necessarily meant to ruffle feathers, that can happen, when artists feel like they are unjustly excluded from these lists.

Case in point: Wale. The MMG rapper is known to get heated, and he did just that when he found out his album, The Gifted, was not named in Complex's annual 50 Best Albums of 2013 list. The rapper took it upon himself to call up the Complex offices personally, and had a word or two to say about their list. Complex in turn recorded the phone conversation, so you can listen to Wale in full below.

While the person who took care of Wale's phone call attempted to assure the DMV rapper that this was nothing personal, the rapper disagreed. "At this point, you know it’s got to be personal," he said. "You telling me it’s not personal. It's like a bold face lie. To be omitted from every type of list that y’all do or be at the bottom of it or every type of way that y’all can omit me, ya will."

As Wale continued to rant, he continued to get more and more angry. "You mean to tell me Juicy J album better than mine?" Wale asked as his voice began to rise "Is that what you trying to tell me?"

When an attempt was made to clarify how Complex formulates their lists, Wale yelled, "I swear to God I’ll come to that office and start knocking niggas the fuck out...I'll see y'all tomorrow. Get the security ready."

Listen to the convo below. Do you guys think Wale's The Gifted should be counted among one of the best albums of 2013?

[UPDATE: Wale Responds, Sort Of] 

Wale has uploaded a video to Instagram which is a semi-response to Complex, but more or less his way of playing off this whole incident. He's also responded to some people on Instagram, saying, "amen.. Its alot of ppl actin like i cnt speak passionatelybout my craft me n my fans gon laugh last."

Peep the video he posted below.