Wale is a busy man. After releasing his fifth studio album Shine, Wale stopped by The Breakfast Club to chat with Envy & Angela Yee (Charlamagne is MIA, doing promotion for his book). The rapper spoke on a wide range of topics, and the conversation popped off with Wale reflecting on fatherhood. When asked about posting pictures of his daughter on social media, Wale paused for a moment before stating: 

"I'm a nigga who's very proud of my raps. Very proud of the motherfuckas, I feel like they need a trophy, you know what I'm sayin? But I feel like...this be my greatest creation. I'll never create nothing better than this ever in life, it's not even possible."

Conversation turned to Shine, which Wale described as being "all about [his] fans," before elaborating on the album's conception:

"I just had the most positive thing happen to me, and I just wanted to project something that doesn't seem so serious right now. There's enough serious material out there right now."

Wale describes his relationship with Meek as "so gucci," and that he considers J Cole "a real friend." Despite that, he touches on the time Cole took a shot at him, leading to Wale impulsively hitting the studio to respond after a bender. "I just feel like a lot of our personal conversations were put into that record. I be having stuff on my mind, and he's a person that I go to cause I don't trust nobody man...But at the end of the day, me and Cole always going to be friends."

Wale also analyzes the business decision behind Katy Perry collaborating with Migos, busting out an amusing impression of an A&R:

"Do you think Katy Perry would do a Wale song right now? Nah...It's like some A&R was like 'these guys, these guys are hot, they're the Migos, look at this white kid at Coachella man, we're going to get the white kids, the black kids UGH!" 

Check out the full interview below.