As we enter the new year, we've already begun anticipating what it will bring us, whether that's in terms of life and career goals, or simply in terms of new music. Who will return, who will disappear, who will drop a long-awaited album and who will keep us waiting a little bit longer for said album. There are certain artists and crews that have been at the forefront of hip-hop-related conversations as we usher in 2019, but Wale is hoping to put MMG back into the greater hip-hop debate in the near future. 

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

MMG, the label and collective assembled by Rick Ross, has been more low-key this past year than others. While many crews have hopped on the collaborative album trend, and solidified their bond and fanbase in the process, MMG fell back. That's not to say that compilations are unfamiliar territory for MMG, they've definitely done the compilation album-thing before it was even en vogue with the Self Made series. Nonetheless, it sounds like Wale wants to bring a return to form for MMG when it comes to the public perception of the crew.

The rapper hopped on twitter where he casually revealed that he's got an ample amount ("endless," as he puts it) songs with both Rick Ross and Meek Mill respectively. Speaking to the strength of these unreleased cuts, Wale added, "Can’t wait to let em fly and start the dialogue about MMG."

Are you excited for the prospective of new music from MMG labelmates? Do you think they need to re-enter the dialogue that surrounds hip-hop crews right now? Let us know.