Wale's had a pretty long run in the game but over the past few years, the rapper's faced several setbacks. However, the rapper recently announced a new partnership with Warner Bros and Maybach Music Group. Wale came up around the same time as Drake, J. Cole and Kid Cudi but he never attained the same level of success of them. According to one of his collaborators, Tone P, it might be because of shady business dealings.

Producer Tone P, who's worked with Wale on The Gifted and Ambition, is accusing the rapper of some shady business practices. According to Bossip, P claimed in a since-deleted post that Wale's been sneakily using people's beats on his projects and holding out on paying them which the producer claims is the reason why he hasn't received payments from the rapper. In addition, Tone P isn't feeling some of Wale's other practices. He said that he sent Wale a track for his own project two years a go but recently, he saw a snippet of the song being played on Wale's Instagram Story and made it seem like it was his own record.

"Wild Dude Here! @wale – He has the WORST business practices in the Rap Game." He wrote, "That’s why niggas like Cole, Meek, Big Sean, Kid Cudi, Wiz and etc. All n-ggas who once opened up for you, are now soaring light years past you. It’s because they respect people around them genuinely and care to do good business. Respect takes you places where music can’t. Always crying about you not being where you want to be. This is a SMALL example."


Wale's yet to directly respond but yesterday, he tweeted something that could be interpreted as a response.


Hopefully, the two could resolve their issues.