These days, when people feel inconvenienced by services, they tend to attack them with criticism on social media. Of course, this tactic is taken to the next level when the person happens to be a celebrity with a very large following, as Wale proved when he decided to grill some United Airlines employees after he missed a flight.

It's hard to get the whole story from the snaps alone, but it appears that Wale made an effort to board his plane at the last minute, but was denied entry. Apparently, making the fight was integral to the rapper being on time for a performance. “They closed the door on my face," he said, pointing his camera in the direction of the company's employees at the New York airport. "This why I won’t make my show.”

The rapper also suggested on Twitter that he was turned away due to profiling. "U got to convince them your in first class. Young black dude? Must be a bootleg ticket huh," he wrote, before later deleting the tweet (view it it in the gallery above).

View the snaps he sent out of frustration below.