I would appear that Wale is planning his exit from the rap game. At least, if his words are to be believed. The rapper recently took to Twitter to tease his imminent retirement, at least, as far as his words imply. During an exchange about whether or not he should opt for a haircut, Wale claimed it was time for a celebration, in honour of his "last few months" as a recording artist. Fans immediately advised him not to leave, even if he does aspire to chase theatrical pursuits. 

To be fair, it's entirely possible this whole thing is merely a ruse, driven by deliberate misdirection. Not unlike Jay-Z's proclaiming "I'm not a businessman." Perhaps Wale is no longer a recording artist per se, but has achieved a final form only the deities can understand. Hopefully Wale isn't planning a swift retirement, given the fact he recently landed a new record deal with Warner Bros and MMG; plus, the man has been dropping some of his best material in recent memory. I suppose we'll know in a few months time.