Some of Wale's fans were surprised about his past relationship with Solange. While the rapper hadn't truly confirmed his romantic feelings about the "Crane In The Sky" artist, some of his following expressed their belief that Solange was the inspiration behind his classic love song, "Lotus Flower Bomb." In a recent interview with Angela Yee's Lip Service, Wale corroborated this concept.

He was asked how his new love interests might feel about him having "f*cked with" Solange in the past. Wale slightly diverted from the question, while giving new insight into his connection.

"Solange is a beautiful person, inside and out. She’s also been one of my muses, not saying I’m Andy Warhol – in my mind I am. She’s like the prototype of women I personally like. Me and her, [stutters] we used to kick it, like we was real cool, early on in my career. She taught me a lot about just music and just spontaneity and everything like that, but you know it ain’t nothing like that."

The fact that Solange is now a married woman might have something to do with the words he chose. He qualifies himself as someone who is incapable of love, so it's probably for the best.