Celebrities often thank their fans for supporting their careers, but fandom can be a slippery slope. For every person that makes a purchase in support of a famous figure's endeavor, there are 100 more who believe they're owed personal recognition and communication from the celebrity. Some people feel that they are owed something in return for their commitment to an artist, including this person who sent Wale an interesting DM.

Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Wale shared a screenshot of a message he received from someone who clearly wasn't pleased that the rapper hadn't given their one-year-old nephew a shout out. The chuckle-worthy message reads: "Uhm hi yes wale , so my sister tags you in all of her stories when my nephew is listening to your songs. He loves you and the fact that you can never repost just ONE on your story is real sh*tty."

Things clearly took a turn for the worse. "He is only a year and loves you just wait until he gets older and I tell him how much of a d*ckhead you are since you can't show love to him BUT A ONE YEAR OLD IS SHOWING YOU ALL THIS LOVE . Are you to good for him ? Let me answer that for you . NO, NO YOU ARENT you rude sh*t . Get it all the way together . I will check back in later to see if you got it through your thick ass head of yours . Have a great day ."

Wale simply captioned the image with, "This not crazy ?" Would you respond to this person, and if so, what would you say?