Not only has Wale been putting out some solid music this year, but the rapper's Twitter feed has made for a source of constant entertainment. One such reason has been his ongoing feud with political pundit Tomi Lahren, who has been vocally ride-or-die for the Republican cause. As such, Wale has taken to putting her in check when the occasion calls for it, and Lahren has been more than willing to fire back. The back-and-forth has made for a particularly enjoyable feud, with both parties seeming to enjoy the verbal sparring. 

Now, in the wake of Michelle Obama's new memoir, Tomi Lahren has once again set her sights on the former first lady. Lahren took a few shots at Michelle's good name, and Wale was simply not having it. Perhaps the shot at "lunch" set off the Free Lunch rapper. Perhaps he simply felt compelled to defend Michelle's honor from those seeking to besmirch her legacy. Either way, Wale had words for Lahren, dubbing her a Scooby Doo villain (of the bumbling variety, not to be confused with the formidable cat people of Scooby Doo: Escape From Zombie Island). 

Peep the exchange below. Are Wale and Tomi Lahren destined to dance for all eternity?