When Wale tweeted about his flight delays, he was just trying to joke about the situation and laugh it off. He remarked that his flight was canceled for the fifth time in ten days, which sounds like an absolute nightmare. Especially when you consider that most of Wale's income is likely from touring, the cancellations may have major implications for the artist. The artist just released his Free Lunch EP and he joked that he would try walking to L.A. since it just wasn't in the cards for him to fly there. Finally, he made it onto a plane but came across another issue: two flight attendants who he accuses of being "racist."

The race situation doesn't exactly get described in detail but the situation itself is a little baffling. The D.C. rapper tweeted American Airlines, being polite about his frustration over the flight delay and signing off with "I love u guys." He was a little less kind after being mistreated aboard the plane, claiming that two employees threatened to call the police on him because he was "not supposed to be in first class." Wale provided the attendant's names and even came through with receipts, showing that he was absolutely meant to be seated at 4F in the First Class section. Requesting to be kept in the loop on what happens with Megumi and Don, the so-called "racist" employees, it's now up to American Airlines to figure out what went wrong.

The airline has tweeted back at the performer to let him know that they would be responding to his direct message, noting that "Discrimination has no place at American Airlines."