Miguel has seen a surprising amount of success this year, with his album Kaleidoscope Dream, topping the charts week after week, and now with Grammy nominations revealed, the same LP has been nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album, as well as a nod for Best R&B Performance with "Adorn," among others. His fellow first-time nominee, Wale, was also nominated for Best Rap Song alongside Miguel with "Lotus Flower Bomb."

The two were obviously happy with their nominations, and Miguel spoke on the achievement, and the shock it instilled, to MTV News. "I was in shock, because as much as you hope to be nominated for something like this — it's like the highest honor you can receive or be considered for — you never really know how it's gonna go," Miguel said. "I was definitely very shocked and humbled, and more than anything I was shocked at how many."

Miguel has his sights set on one particular nomination though, "Best Urban Contemporary Album would be the one I wanna win the most," he admitted. "I set out to make a great album and as much as "Adorn" has been the catapult, and [has been] what really introduced me to a lot of new audiences, I know that there's a body of work behind it that really is special."

Finally, he congratulated Wale for their joint nomination on the MMG rapper's big single. "The next time I see him I'm definitely gonna have a drink with him," he said, "I sent him a text message like, 'Congrats on your fuckingGrammy nod you motherfucker!"

Wale spoke on Miguel's success,  "I tried to call [Miguel] but then I realized — yo, he got five nominations, he's probably really busy [taking in] whatever the emotion it is, lemme just give him a couple days," he said, before admitting his own surprise at "Lotus Flower Bomb" receiving a nod. "I was stunned," Wale said. "I was actually on stage in Miami, and a friend of mine at Roc Nation texted me, but it was just was happening so fast....then I thought it was a joke and didn't wanna get too excited because I thought it would've been a misunderstanding. But then I [realized], this shit is real. This is what I worked for and now it's really here."

"Lotus Flower Bomb" appeared on Wale's sophomore LP, Ambition. We'll have to wait til February 10th 2013 to find out if Wale and Miguel win for their respective categories!