Wale's love for all things Seinfeld, including Jerry, has been known for quite some time now. Fans probably became acutely aware, if they weren't before, when Wale dropped his critically acclaimed mixtape, The Mixtape About Nothing, and then a follow-up, More About Nothing. 

What did Jerry Seinfeld, the mind behind the comedic show, think of Wale's tribute to him? It seems he was pleased, so much so that he's apparently agreed to work on a project with Wale. The two were in the studio together, and Jerry explains in captured footage about first linking up with the DC rapper.

The video is vague on details concerning what the comedian and rapper are cooking up together. Jerry says, "I got the call from Wale and DJ Omega here, they called me to come in, I had to be here. If I'm going to do this, this is the guys I'm going to do it with. And now I did it, and that's it."

Jerry continues to explain how he first met Wale, and reveals his wife was a fan of the rapper, but neither of them were aware that Wale was a fan of the comedian. "Wale called me, came to my show and we hung out a little bit. He wanted me to do something with him. I didn't understand it, but he did and then I kind of liked the guy, I dug the guy, and I listened to his music, I liked the music. So I said alright, I'll do it, even though I didn't know what I was going to do. So I said to my wife, 'I'm doing this thing with this guy Wale' and she said, 'Wale is my favorite Hip Hop artist. I have every single thing.' Somehow, she missed anything that had to do with me, but has every other cut, everything else he's done. I said just type in Wale and me and see what comes up."

Reportedly the two are working on The Album About Nothing, so we'll have to wait and see as more details are sure to emerge on this soon.

Check out the clip from the studio below.