Yesterday, several hopped-up goons decided to forsake honor and deliver a sucker-punch to Future's bodyguard. With the disturbing incident caught on camera, and summarily doctored to paint Future as a coward of sorts, many emerged to cast the assailants in a negative light. Even Future chimed in to clear the air, confirming that he did not in fact witness the attack in any way shape or form. Of course, given what recently transpired with A$AP Rocky, artists must be increasingly careful with how they move overseas. Still, that didn't stop the masses from sensationalizing the incident, prompting Wale to step in to play the voice of reason. 

Signaling out his old pal Akademiks, Wale expressed concern with the dangers of an inflammatory headline, citing Ak's a recipe for trouble. "I ain’t even tryn start nothin wit u," he writes, in response to Ak's original video post. "But don’t u think u could have worded this better ? That type of headline kind of encourages people to do stuff like this." For the record, Ak's caption read: "Damn...why they do Future security guard like this??"

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Ak chimed in to defend his integrity, casting the blame on those who choose to use his words as a scapegoat, and thus, absolve themselves of all responsibility. "Evil and wickedness encourages ppl to do things like that," he retorts. "Not a headline." Wale replies, respecting Ak's perspective while elaborating on his own. "I feel u .. people do have fucked yo intentions," he writes. "I’m just saying the headline made it seem like it was a joke .. there is no honor in a sucker punch."

On that point, I'm sure everyone can agree. Sucker punching a man, kicking him when he's down, and proceeding to celebrate is the antithesis of honor. We can only hope that Future's bodyguard is recovering well.